Workout Playlist

Working out seems so much easier with pumped up music. When you have a song in your head to keep the adrenaline going you can lift more, run farther, and complete more sets! Here are some of my favorite songs to lift to!

Note: Some of these songs may not be appropriate for younger children. Some have curse words or lyrics that send the wrong messages. Please be aware of this before listening to them if you have not heard them previously.

  1. Lose Yourself- Eminem — Eminem is one of my favorite artists. Of course, I will not let my son listen to his songs until he is AT LEAST 15 (probably older for some of those songs) though I know he will still hear them at school and from friends. Eminem expresses how he feels and some of his songs have real meanings to them while others just make me laugh.
  2. Remember the Name- Fort Minor –This is a new one I found that has a good beat and cool lyrics to workout to.
  3. Perfect Illusion-Lady Gaga –Lady Gaga is beautiful and her music is so fun! I love the lyrics to this one and it is fast enough to lift to.
  4. Blank Space- I Prevail (Taylor Swift Cover) –This starts out slow, but speeds up fast. I actually enjoy this cover more than the Taylor Swift version.
  5. Drop Girl- Ice Cube Ft. Redfoo, 2 Chainz –This one has a funny video that makes me laugh every time. The music has a good workout beat and catchy lyrics 🙂
  6. One Trick Pony- Deadmau5 Ft. Sofi — If you like a fast beast and more music than lyrics and song, then this is a great workout one.
  7. Often-The Weeknd –Be aware that the lyrics in this one are raunchy. But I running on the treadmill with this beat.
  8. Hall of Fame-The Script ft. –This is about fighting for what you want and to be the best in what you do.
  9. Pony-Ginuwine –This one has a nice beat to dance too! haha but it is also a nice workout song as well.
  10. No Diggity–Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen –The first time I heard this was on Pitch Perfect. It is kind of funny, but also has a fun beat!
  11. Awolnation-Sail — SAIL!
  12. Can’t be touched -Roy Jones –fast and furious. Good workout material.
  13. (Rock) Superstar- Cypress Hill –If you like fast rapping, quick music, and a beat while lifting, this song is good for your playlist 🙂
  14. Til I Collapse-Eminem –Like I said, Eminem is one of my favorite artists because there is so much emotion in his songs. So Just skip his songs if you don’t like them 🙂
  15. Gasoline-Halsey — This one is more based on emotion rather than the fast pace of workout music. I still get a good lift with this song though.
  16. Mad Hatter-Melanie Martinez –I love Melanie because she is different.
  17. Circus- Britney Spears –All eyes on me!
  18. Fergalicious-Fergie –yep. I went old school
  19. Wiggle-Jason Derulo –wiggle wiggle wiggle
  20. Talk Dirty to Me — Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz — I will end this list with Talk Dirty to Me

Please NOTE: This does not reflect the type of music I listen to in front of my child. I listen to these through my headphones when I am lifting weights or running. I like the fast paced music and some of them are not right for a child’s ears. I choose to keep my music clean in front of my baby so this is not a reflection of my parenting.

I hope you enjoy some of the songs on my list! You can get to an individual song by clicking on the link or play the full playlist below!