Tips to Creating a Fitness Instagram Profile

      Having a fitness Instagram is not only meant to show off your amazing hobby and progress, but for being able to SEE your own progress and track daily fitness and nutrition events you experience!

     What is a new meal you tried that was healthy, delicious and noteworthy? Take a picture of it and write down the ingredients and recipe in the caption area.

     What workout did you enjoy and that made you feel sore the next day? Write down the amount of weight you used and the amount of reps and sets you did!

    This can help you complete certain fitness goals and keep a “journal” of what you have already accomplished!

Make your profile a Business profile

This helps your profile look more professional and it also helps you keep track of the amount of views you are getting.

–Put down your name and the Username you want.

–If you have a website, there is an area to write down your website. Also, your website name would be a great Username idea as well so your website followers can easily find your page. If you don’t have another page or website you want to link to your profile, that is absolutely fine just skip this area.

Perfect Your Biography

–There is a place to put a few words about yourself. Look at other fitness pages you enjoy and see what their biographies talk about. You want to explain what your page entails (what it is about) in just a few words or phrases.

–I wanted to find examples of Individual pages instead of just motivational or spam pages that post pictures of random people. Since your page will be a personal page, it is better to view other personal pages like the following examples:

Here are a few examples of popular Fitness Instagram Pages I found that you can check out:

  1. “danalinnbailey”: She has 1.8 million followers and her biography says– “Wife. Champion. Rescue. Mini Farmer. Adventurer.” and then she has a link to her Youtube channel.

     2. “blogilates”: She has 1.4 million followers and her biography says– “Creator of POP Pilates & PIIT. Designer of POPFLEX Active. Top 5 Health & Fitness Influencers in the world. Snapchat: Blogilates”. And then she has a link to her website.

     3. “lindseyvonn”: She has 1m followers. Her biography says– “Olympic skier living life to the fullest *If you fall, pick yourself back up*. Founder of the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. And then she has her Snapchat name and a link to her website.

     Try to use some choice words, a quote, or a phrase that describe you or your Instagram page for your biography section. These are just examples. Some people have big profiles with little to nothing in their profile bio. But it definitely does not hurt to have a pretty biography.



–Add pretty pictures and videos. Since this is a FITNESS profile, you will probably be adding videos and pictures of yourself lifting weights or gaining further progress in your fit life. Other pictures you could include are quotes, motivational pictures of fitness professionals you enjoy, or healthy meals you like. On fitness pages, I love to see progress photos as well!

Stay Consistent

–People usually end up unfollowing profiles that are inactive or rarely active. Try to add at least one picture a day. This doesn’t mean you have to add your own pictures. You could add a professional free picture from Unsplash or write down a quote (and give recognition to the owner of the quote if it is not your own) and take a picture of that. Or just take any random picture and put a quote in the caption area, but stay consistent on your content and active in your posts!

Post a Weekly Progress Picture

–One way you can keep your profile active is to choose one day every week to post your progress picture. Make sure you let everyone know what week you are on! I usually like my progress pictures on Monday, but choose a day that works for you!


Schedule Your Instagram Posts

–Try to find a scheduling website or write down a schedule of your own.  Keeping a schedule of pictures and content that you are ready to post will help keep you more active without taking time to remember to post throughout the day.

–I prefer using Tailwind for scheduling. The first 30 Instagram posts are free! (and you don’t have to enter your credit card information for your free trial!). Tailwind is also useful for Pinterest if you use that! The first 100 posts for Pinterest are free! Sorry for all the exclamation points, I just get excited with Tailwind.

–If you decide to create your own schedule, look up what the best times to post are so you can get an idea of when to post

In conclusion, have fun and do not stress over your Instagram profile. It is meant to be an exciting activity where you can see how much you are improving!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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