Tips to Pampering Mommy

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Sometimes it helps to just take a step back and just focus on you! You are strong and beautiful, but everyone needs a change to focus on themselves and get a little break. Even mommies. You do too much and I don’t think you realize it. So, I’ve constructed this “Day of Pampering Mommy” list. I’m guessing if you are reading this, you either are a mommy who needs a day of relaxation, or you are someone who knows a mommy that needs to be pampered.

This is to help you decide how to Pamper the mommy in your life! Even if you don’t use these exact components or ideas, hopefully this will give you some ideas at the very least 🙂

1.) Luxury Bath Time

This is one of my absolute favorites. When I get time to pamper myself, I love just having a nice, hot bubble bath with my favorite bath and beauty products. This is also a time I sometimes take to shave and just honor my body.

For a wonderful, relaxing bath, I believe you NEED 3 components and may WANT another 3 components. However, every woman is different so make sure you know the woman that is in your life before jumping into these.

The items I have for the NEED list are body wash (her favorite kind), body scrub, and a couple candles. On the WANT list, I enjoy a glass of wine, bubble bath, and incense if I’m wanting this over candles on “Pamper day”.

My personal favorite body wash and body scrub are both from “Love, Beauty, and Planet” and you can get to their web page by clicking HERE.  Their products use organic ingredients, 100% recycled package, and are safe for sensitive skin! They also don’t test on animals and they are vegan!

The body wash I choose is Tea Tree and Vetiver and it is absolutely lovely, but feel free to look at their others (the ethics hold true for ALL their products!

This next item, the Sugar and Rose sugar scrub, is the best sugar scrub I have ever used. It is unique because it is completely smooth when you first open the package like lotion, but has small sugar crystals that caress your skin better than those harsher, large crystals in other products! I’ve used mine, so sorry for the finger dips, but you can still see how smooth this scrub is!

If mommy has never tried Love Beauty and Planet, then it is definitely worth a try! It is my favorite beauty brand and I love what they stand for in saving the planet and keeping products organic.


Love Beauty and Planet Sugar Scrub and Body Wash! <-Click this to give the item a try!

2.) Dark Chocolate and Flowers

One way to really gain the happiness from your wife is chocolates and flowers. This is so cliché that I’m a bit mad at myself for putting it here…but it really is one of my favorite gestures to receive from my man. The Kirkland Signature European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate are my favorite package of chocolates to receive! They are so delicious and make me feel extra ‘fancy’ without having to spend too much money. I usually sit down with these and a cup of tea or coffee and just enjoy some ‘tea meditation’ to give myself some “self-recognition” on how good I am as a mother. It IS NOT conceited to give yourself recognition once in a while. It helps boost your confidence and your mood. Especially when you have some chocolates and a warm drink.

     <–Click here for some yummy chocolates!

3.) Praise Her Hobbies

One way to really show you love the mommy in your life is to give her time to indulge in her hobbies. If she loves to draw, get her a nice sketch pad and pencils and tell her to go take some time to draw for a while. Give her recognition for how well she does at what she loves to do!

For me, I absolutely love working out and spending time at the gym. So a nice gift to me would be a new gym outfit or accessory and time to go workout!

Here is one I found that I would ABSOLUTELY love! *hint hint*

<-Click HERE to go check this out!


4.) Get Her a Gift Basket

Whether this be a gift basket of some of her random favorite items in the world, or whether it be dedicated to a specific item, then this is a great way to show you care. It can be bought as a gift basket, or homemade with your own items you know she loves!

Click the image to see this Ghiradelli gift!————–>

5.) Make Her Something Special

One of my all-time favorite gifts is something homemade. It could be her favorite meal, or a card that says everything you want to tell her, or even learning a new skill (such as knitting) and making her something to show you thought of her while learning your skill or that you learned it specifically for her! Homemade gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, if she truly loves you, she would love anything you gave her to show you care.


6.) Massages, Pedicures, and Manicures

Okay men. We know you are manly and tough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t praise your woman once in a while. AT LEAST give her a foot, back, or full body massage. If you are feeling a bit more daring, you can learn how to give her a manicure and a pedicure. It doesn’t make you feminine nor would we think of it that way. I mean, you are praising a beautiful goddess! Of course you are girly (and no. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being feminine either). I love Essie and OPI when it comes to nail polish 🙂

          (click the images to go to the product on amazon)

7.) Movies or Shows

Give her the remote and get out of her hair. Or heck, watch whatever she chooses with her if she wants you to (but make sure the kids are occupied, it’s still pamper mommy day). Let her watch her favorite movies or TV series and binge watch it! My personal favorites would be anything Disney, Johnny Depp, Evan Peters, or Freddie Highmore. For TV series, I prefer Bate’s Motel and American Horror Story!



The point of “A Day of Pampering Mommy” is to give her time to herself to do what she wants to do or to do something you know she loves! So if you get her a gift, then make sure she has time to enjoy the gift while the kids stay occupied elsewhere. Just remember, mommy may not tell you that she is running low on fumes or feeling stressed out, but that doesn’t mean she is completely happy with devoting every second of every day to her hubby and kids. Of course she loves to care for you all or she wouldn’t do it! But she still can get tired and stressed sometimes so just give her loves and show you care! 😀