Meet the Author

Hello fellow Readers, Mommies, and Fitness Lovers!

My name is Hannah Pipes and I am a fit mommy blogger! I have a 1 year old baby boy, Zeke Ryker Lewis. He is so precious and has taught me so much so far! I love to cook all his baby foods, watch him learn new life skills, share our bonding time when breastfeeding, talk to him, and so much more! He has this unique personality that is so intriguing to learn more about! I honestly never thought I would ever be a mother, but I do love the experience so darn much! 🙂

I am a fitness junky. I have been lifting as a hobby since 2013 when I first entered college. I found some friends who loved lifting too and together we have watched each other grow and accomplish our goals! I am a Chemistry major, but I want to become a Veterinarian. I want to be able to help animals through hard times. Just for fun, and maybe as a future part-time career, I would love to help people gain fitness and health and beat their obstacles just like I conquered my own!

I want to be a Veterinarian because of my love for animals. I know I will have to put some animals down, but I also know that that is better than letting them suffer. I want to be able to save animals and watch them grow! I would love to work with bigger animals such as zoo animals or wild and exotic animals. However, I am also looking into farm animals since there is such a high demand for that type of veterinarian.

If there is any more you want to know or learn about me let me know! My contact information has a page of its own 🙂
I can also answer any questions you have about my blog, fitness, motherhood, and/or the material in my posts!

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to stay a while!