Creating Creamy, Smooth Homemade Baby Food

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The first time Zeke took a bite of solid food (which was carrots) his facial expression and excitement made his daddy and I smile wide and laugh up a storm. He just kept eating! Zeke absolutely loved carrots.

I mean he was definitely confused at first, but he tried it a couple of times and was excited to keep going!

I put tons of effort into making that one first meal. His carrots were steamed to make sure they were soft enough to blend. Then I stuck them in his baby bullet adding water to get the right consistency. After that, I put his leftovers in the little storage containers that came with the baby bullet I purchased! It was so fun to be able to make his first meal and other meals to come!


 Baby’s have their own personalities and likes and dislikes. They say it is best to wait 3 days to a week between trying new foods to check for allergy symptoms. You will want to try multiple baby foods to see what your baby loves so why not make your own! 🙂 It is fun, healthier for baby, and you will have more options to choose from!
The key to making food smooth is to steam it first (if it is a veggie. Fruits don’t usually need steamed) and then gradually add water in the blender until you gain the right consistency.
Do not add your water all at once because your food made become TOO liquidy.  This happen to me with plums. I read somewhere on how much water to add with 1 plum. Of course I listened to it, but my plum must have been more ripe than theirs because I had plum  instead. My son loved the taste though! The consistency was just all wrong.

Making SMOOTH Baby Food!

Making baby food should be fun! Not vigorous and hard work! Plus you get to try your own creations and mixtures of fruits and veggies.


First, steam your veggie if it is harder such as carrots, broccoli, or asparagus. Many veggies will need steamed beforehand, but most fruits can go straight to the blender. If you are unsure, it is best to check!

First, steam your product. I prefer to use the Turbo baby bullet steamer because all you need to do is add water and press the button related to however long you want to steam the product. It even comes with a booklet explaining how much water to add and what setting to use on the specific veggies (I added that link below).

If you prefer to steam the old-fashioned way that is completely fine as well!

Here is the link to view the steaming directions for the Turbo steamer for free 🙂\

I added a few pictures of how to get the Turbo steamer ready. But again, you can steam however you like!

Then just watch it steam! the hole in the back of the lid lets the excess air out.


I usually like to blend my food before it is too cool so it is still really soft. So I use a fork to transfer the veggie into the baby bullet (you can use whatever blender/food processor works for you).

Put the veggie in the blender bowl. Then just screw on the blades and attach it to the Power Base and blend!

I gradually add the water until I get the consistency that I want to have. Here is where you choose how smooth and luscious you want your food! For younger babies, more water is best since they are not yet used to solid food.

I choose to steam and blend more veggies/fruits then I need so I can store them for the week! Food stored in the refrigerator only last 24-48 hours depending on what food group it is. (meat, poultry, fish, and eggs cannot be stored as long). However, baby food can be put in the freezer for up to a month!

I use the baby food storage cups that came with my baby bullet. There is a dial on the cups to keep track of when you made the food! Today is the 12th so I put 12 on my cups. Whatever method you use to store your food, you ALWAYS want to keep track of how long you store it for!

If you want to use the squeeze station, then it is onto the next step!


This is an extra product I just absolutely love! It makes storing baby food in the freezer easier and they are easy for toddlers to snack on while on a long road trip since they aren’t as messy as bowls and cups! Attach the squeeze bag and make sure it is secure. Then put the tube on top of the squeeze station above the squeeze bag.

Add your veggie(s) into the tube:

Apply the press in the tube to push the veggie into the bag. Go slow and steady 🙂

Then just put the top onto the squeeze bag and enter the date and they are ready to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer!

I hope your baby has fun indulging in the creamy baby food you have now created! Have fun and do not be afraid to mix food! Sometimes a baby may not like a food group, but when you mix it with some other foods and create new flavors, then your baby won’t even know you used the same food he/she didn’t like! You may have to try multiple combinations though! Just make it fun trying to find new flavors!

Products I used:

Baby Bullet Blender: Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

—-Amazon has the cheapest price I have found for this item unless you get the item used some where.

Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer: I have two links for this one–

1. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer (1) –This one is a bit cheaper and is just the steamer.

2. Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer Pack of 2 –This one is a bit more but also includes a sterilizing tray, water measuring cup, cooking tray, egg cooking tray, and 2 defrosting trays. This is the one I have and it is wonderful if you like the extra fix-ins 🙂

Infantino Squeeze Station: Infantino Squeeze Station –you can also buy more bags for when you run out of yours! The lids to the bags are reusable though!