Blog Mission Statement

Why I Blog:

I blog because I love writing, inspiring others, and helping people fix problems. I want to show what I have to offer and teach the skills that I have learned through life.

What My Blog Entails:

My blog is about fitness and motherhood. I love fitness and being a new mother and these are two ways of life I think other people should know more about!

Who My Blog is For:

Fitness can help those of all ages while my motherhood tips are geared more towards mothers of young children or mothers to be.

This blog is for those who want to learn more tips and tricks to fitness/health and motherhood.

What My Goals Are:

-Help those with their fitness/health questions

-Make sure my readers learn proper lifting techniques/formation

-Create a world of healthy, motivated individuals

-Teach new mothers new techniques and skills for raising their little one(s)