Blog Core Values

  • Trust and Honesty
  • Confidence
  • Family
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Adventure
  • Balance
  • Diversity
  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Progress
  • Reason
  • Respect
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Openness and Judgement Free –This means that you can disagree with other people’s views, but on my page please try to be open to all views even if they differ from your own 🙂


I can expand on all these values. If you have questions about any of them at all, I can give you a more detailed explanation. I want an open community of readers. I hold onto my own values while also listening to other people’s values and respecting them. I want everyone to feel they can speak their mind without being judged on my page.