6 Ways to BOOST Your Gym Confidence

After talking to some friends about their struggles with fitness as well as health, I found that some people just don’t have the confidence when they go to the gym to lift.

It is inevitable that people will be watching you lift. Probably not even purposefully. Many people just “people-watch” between their sets.

Personally, when I people-watch, I am checking more on form and new exercises rather than looks. However, some people just see looks. This unnerves many newcomers and can scare them away.

I came up with this list of some New Ways to BOOST your gym confidence. These tips will also make going to the gym more of a pleasure rather than a hassle.

1. Dress to Impress

Many people say that some just go to the gym to show off and look pretty. I say “SO WHAT?”. Now I am not saying to throw on a bunch of makeup and hairspray. It is best not to do those things because the oils and sweat can cause acne. However, find a cute fitness outfit and SHOW IT OFF! I find that when I feel I look good, my confidence raises. This includes the times I’m at the gym. I love buying new fitness clothes to wear at the gym to look pretty while also gaining muscle.

2. Pick a Special Perfume/Cologne

Pick out a “sexy” and “classy” perfume or cologne that you JUST use for the gym. This can help motivate you to go! “Yay! I get to put on that beautiful perfume for the gym!”

When you smell amazing, it helps you walk with more confidence knowing that everyone that walks by you will get a whiff of how beautiful your new perfume is.

3. Find The Right Workout Partner

Some people get intimidated working out with trainers that knows more about fitness than they do. I mean sometimes it helps people to have a fit workout partner or personal trainer, but if you do not know much about fitness this can make you feel like people are judging you compared to your fit partner.

Find someone who is on the same level as you. This can be a friend you have known that wants to learn with you, or a stranger you just met at the gym. You can both look up fitness videos and pictures of how to do exercises and learn together.

4. Create a Workout Log

A workout log helps you figure out what workouts to do on what days and when to move up in weight. If you have a log of what you are doing, this can help you better utilize your time at the gym and be more confident in where you are going and what exercises you are doing.

This workout log book can also be used to write down new exercises to try. Your body gets used to doing the same types of exercises. If you want to build muscle, you have to change-up your workouts so that your body is working hard EVERY time you lift.

5. People Watch

I “people-watch” SO MUCH at the gym. I don’t check out guys or girls for looks. I mean I admire the muscles and human form, but I am not at the gym to “find a mate” or check people out. I look at the exercises they are doing and think about what they are doing correctly and what they can improve on. Watching other people lift can help you with your own form and help you find new exercises to try!

People usually don’t mind being watched at the gym after they have been going for a while and have gained the confidence in themselves that you are trying to gain. Once you get that confidence, you focus more on your own workouts (unless you are people watching to find new exercises and techniques) and care less about what other people think.

6. Do Your Research

It helps to watch YouTube videos, read up on new exercises, and talk to people who have been lifting for a while. If you have an idea of what you want to do, then you will feel more confident about walking into the gym and focusing on your goals.

Be specific in your research. Look up Ab, Back, Chest, Arm (biceps and triceps), or leg exercises (quads, calves, booty, and hamstring). Pick different workouts each week so your body doesn’t get used to exercises and so you can learn new exercises and work different muscle groups.