15 Reasons to LOVE Lifting Weights

1. It Raises Your Confidence

Everyone starts out not knowing exactly how to lift weights. You can only learn from doing different lifts yourself and seeing what works for you. After you start lifting heavier weights and using the correct form, you will gain a confidence in yourself. You will see and feel a difference in your body and in your mind! Remember, everyone starts out at different paces. Do not start comparing your progress to someone else’s. Focus on you.

2. Lifting Weights Makes You Stronger

It is nice to feel that you can protect yourself. Also, being stronger means you can start lifting heavier weights and moving up in this hobby! But form is more important than weight so if you start to fall back on form, it is best to drop the weight so you do not hurt yourself. If you lift to look better, gain more confidence, or protect yourself rather than lifting as a hobby, then being stronger will be a huge accomplishment!

3. You Feel Happier

Lifting weights and getting your blood pumping releases endorphins and causes you to mentally feel happier. Pushing yourself for at least 30 minutes a day can make your day or night just that much better. Plus if you are adding more weight, or running farther, or doing a new yoga pose, you feel better for pushing yourself just a little farther in your routine!

4. It Is A Stress-Reliever

You know that feeling when you are angry, agitated, or stressed and you just want to hit something or release that anxiety? Lifting weights, running, or boxing could help! It is a way of releasing tension and, as mentioned in number three, releasing endorphins causing a happy and relaxed feeling.

5. Exercise Teaches Discipline

Working out teaches someone to be more disciplined. You have to work towards what body you want or how much weight you want to work up to. You are not just going to start lifting 100 lbs. the first time you walk into the gym. If you want to lift that much, you have to work up to it and keep yourself grounded.

You know how people say that the military “straightens you up”? Well it is that discipline they are taught by the people that are higher ranks than them. You can always get a personal trainer to help discipline you to keep you on schedule and work your hardest, but you can also teach yourself. Try writing down your workouts and lifting more weight each time or making a lifting schedule to make sure you get to all your workouts.

6.  It Helps You Get On A Basic Schedule

If you lift in the mornings, it will set you up for the day and help set up your schedule. If you lift towards the nighttime or afternoons, you can set up your schedule around your lifting time. Having a set time you lift will help organize your day.

7. Exercise Helps You Live Longer

If you are healthier then you have a better chance at a longer life. Now for this to be true, your diet has to be relatively healthy as well. Just working out will not help give you a longer life on its own. Dieting and Exercising go hand-in-hand. So it is best to fix both these areas in your life to be happier, more confident, and live longer.


8. Your Bones Will Be Stronger

Just like how your body will get stronger, your bones will gain strength in them as well! The more you lift, even if you aren’t doing too much weight, the stronger your bones and muscles will get. This helps the “live longer” aspect mentioned above as well. If you just sit around or don’t do much lifting or exercise, then your bones will become brittle and more susceptible to breaking. Stronger bones means lifting more weight which is helpful even outside a gym!

9. To Post Pictures On Social Media

It is fun to be able to post progress photos online. Showing off your new clothing, supplements, and body is an activity in itself. I personally have a whole Instagram page dedicated to progress pictures and exercise tips, “ProgressionandPerfection”. Even if no one is looking at your page yet, it is still nice to have an area to save all your progress pictures so that you can look back at them 🙂

10. People Will Notice Your Progress

Even if you aren’t posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, people at the gym or in your daily life will notice the difference in your looks and in your mood! They will see a more confident, healthier, stronger, and disciplined you! Everyone enjoys getting compliments for new changes in there looks and personality whether they will admit it or not. So this just helps raise your self-esteem and confidence even more!

11. Better Sleep

Exercise wears you out! You will be able to sleep better after you workout for the day. Studies have shown that people who exercise end up getting overall better sleep. So instead of using sleeping pills to battle sleeping problems, try to do some exercise first to mentally and physically relax you

Link: http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/news/20100917/exercise-helps-you-sleep#1

12. Fashion Statement

Let’s face it. One reason to lift is the awesome clothing choices. Leggings, tank tops, cutoffs, sweatpants, yoga pants, and sports bras are comfy and cute. So one reason to workout is to be able to look great in comfy clothes.

13. Medicine for Depression

Sometimes it does help to have medicine for deep depression, but exercise can be a cure as well. Even if exercise doesn’t solely help alone, it does help lessen depressive symptoms. It relieves stress and releases endorphins to help you feel less depressed. Also, it is a way of getting your mind off any problems going on in life. Throw in some headphones, listen to some music, and focus on your workout.

14. Protein and Pre-Workout

Some awesome exercise items I love besides the clothes are protein and pre-workout. Also, the workout bags and magazines! Below are some of the items I like to buy and use towards my exercise routine. I also left a link to my favorite body building site that always has discounts and deals going on!

Link: http://www.bodybuilding.com/

15. Being Able To Flex With Friends

Last is my personal favorite. Getting to flex with your lifting buddies! It is fun to be able to show off your new-found strength and hobby with people who enjoy the same thing! So enjoy getting your new body and lifting more! Find people who you can lift with and take some awesome pictures! 🙂

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